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After an amazing season, High School League Split 1 2018 was narrowed down to two teams, Rangitoto College and 2017 Grand Finalists Mt. Albert Grammar School. Both teams have played brilliantly on their road to the finals, but only one team will be remembered after the series. So here we are, the last HSL Recap for the season! Thanks all for reading, and enjoy the Grand Finals! GLHF!

Game 1

Rangitoto opened up the game aggressively, with GuaPi’s midlane Kai’Sa securing First Blood onto shakenrobot’s Nunu, but an Ocean Drake to Mt. Albert Grammar School started the slide as first turret was contested by Rangitoto. MAGS secured the first turret, then turned around a dramatic fight in the botlane to take three kills and a second turret to reverse their 2k gold deficit. It wasn’t long before their objective-based playstyle took effect, with their brilliant macro leading to a 6 turret to 1 lead before 18 minutes as well as two Drakes for a 5k gold lead.

Rangitoto, sensing the game was getting away from them, made an initiation in the midlane but all of a sudden dmz popped off on his Kog’Maw to pick up a Quadra Kill and then multiple kills minutes later as Rangitoto contested Baron. Mt. Albert could smell victory, and stormed into Rangitoto’s base, taking down the midlane inhibitor turret before repeating the treatment in the botlane. Lemonlord respawned and leapt in for one last hurrah, but MAGS’ 10k gold lead and fed Kog’Maw was far too much as 2017’s Grand Finalists shattered the Nexus for first blood in this Grand Final series.

Game 2


The second game was also off to a blistering start, with brawls swinging either way before 10 minutes. Rangitoto had a 3 kills to 2 lead, all on Dark Knight’s Vayne, but Mt. Albert had bagged themselves an Infernal Drake, so the advantage could go either way. Mt. Albert took a fight in the botlane and began to push a gold lead. Their macro led to two early turrets as well as a second Drake, Cloud this time, and the only place where they weren’t leading was the kill score. Rangitoto had kept up the brutal tempo of the game, with an 8-7 kill lead by 20 minutes.

A monstrous battle in the top lane gave a massive advantage to Mt. Albert, as the 5k gold lead threatened to climb, but Rangitoto pounced on an overextension to take 4 kills, 3 of them onto GuaPi’s Galio. Baron soon followed and the gold lead was equalised as dmz and Kakuna got caught out in the jungle. The game stagnated until Mt. Albert overextended on their siege and got aced for the second time in the series, this time the Triple Kill going over to the Vayne. Baron was next up, and Mt. Albert lost the ensuing fight in their base to increase their gold deficit to 8k and their base was now in shambles. MAGS conceded the Elder Dragon, but went too far trying to contest Baron and Rangitoto destroyed the teamfight, with GuaPi proving the MVP. With only dmz alive, Rangitoto finished the job to put the series at 1-1 and into a deciding game.

Game 3

The epic conclusion to High School League 2018 started off with Rangitoto College taking advantage of Harnill’s Twisted Fate pick, with GuaPi’s Swain helping Hwang Eunbi’s Nocturne pick up two early kills on the TF. Mt. Albert were simply trying to take an Ocean Drake, but Dark Knight and lemonlord tried to contest and were blown up to equalise the kill score, but MAGS failed to pick up the Drake, abandoning it as GuaPi was on his way. They returned a few minutes later to secure it after also taking first turret, trading it for a Rift Herald onto Hwang Eunbi.  A clean fight in the toplane exemplified the skill that MAGS have played with, and their 1team play again came up clutch.

A pseudo-base race added the energy of the game, with Rangitoto pushing in top while Mt. Albert shoved in mid. Rangitoto tried to defend their turrets but were cleaned out by all 5 members of MAGS, and the momentum changed before Jordanie was caught out and RC blitzed Mt. Albert in the midlane to take a clean Baron and firm advantage in this game. Rangitoto were not done, and saw an opportunity to finish off the series. A brutal initiation led to Nocturne popping Jinx and Rangitoto annihilated the rest of Mt. Albert Grammar School, smashing open the Nexus seconds later to be crowned the HSL champions for Split 1 2018!


And so concludes High School League split one for 2018! I hope you all enjoyed this season, and if you want to be where these teams are be sure to talk to your teachers and start those League clubs, and begin training for next split. Until then, thank you all for watching and playing, and good luck on the Rift! 

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