Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between Premier and Casual Division?

Premier Division

Premier Division is designed for competitive teams that aim to be the best. Teams that want to earn prizes for placing highly should register for this division.

The requirement for this division is each player having at minimum 20 champions in game which is required for the Tournament Draft format.

Casual Division

Casual Division is designed for less experienced and less competitive players. Teams that want to play for fun but still play to win should register for this division.

There are no requirements for this division as it will use the Blind Pick format in game. The only thing a player needs is a game account.

When are the games played?

All games are played at the same time, 5pm local time on Monday afternoons each week. Sometimes things happen and your whole team can’t make a certain week, in these cases reschedules are possible but not guaranteed. This means you can request a reschedule with your opponents and they have the option to decline and take the win by default OR they can accept and play the match any time before the next round. We recommend teams accept reschedule requests.

The computers at school are having issues connecting/playing the game, what do I do?

The developer of League of Legends (Riot Games) have an extensive guide on how to solve most tech/firewall issues in the following link:

How can I watch the games?

The easiest way to watch is physically standing behind the team as they play. Alternatively you can watch online by using the spectator feature in the game itself. This can be done by adding any player from your school as a friend in game and then right clicking their name and selecting spectate. This will allow you to watch the game with more vision than your team but will also result in a 3 minute spectator delay to prevent any cheating.

How many teams can my school enter?

Each school can enter as many teams as they like. Players may only be on the starting roster for one team but may substitute in emergencies for other teams from their school with some notice.

Does my team need to play from school?

We highly recommend playing from school as it helps foster teamwork when all players are physically present as well as allowing the teacher to have input in their team’s development.

However we also recognise that this won’t always be possible, there are many reasons why playing at school just won’t work for some teams. For this reason playing from school is not mandatory, just very recommended.

Why is my state not listed?

We only run the championship for the regions listed on the website and registration forms which are New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland and ACT. For information regarding the other states in Australia you will need to visit https://www.hseleague.gg/

How do I do X on Battlefy?

This is covered in the (upcoming) registration guide video. If the video still does not answer your question please reach out to the admin team.