High School League of Legends Championship: AU & NZ

Registration Now Open!

High School League of Legends Australian & New Zealand Championships

High School  League (HSL) is pleased to announce it’s opening it’s free League of Legends esports competition for ACT, NSW and Queensland High Schools.  Ninety-five New Zealand High School teams competed in the New Zealand League.

Each Australian state & territory has its own championship – with New Zealand continuing to keep it’s nationwide. These tournaments will run during terms 3 of 2018, culminating in a final for each region. The winning schools will then play off to crown the sole winner of the High School League of Legends Australian and New Zealand Championship.

How to get started: 

  1. Assemble your team: Obviously, you’ll need teammates (solo carries can only go so far). All players need to attend the school you’re representing, so spread the word and get a crew together or skip to step 2 and get your teacher to help you assemble other students.
  2. Find a teacher: Teams must be led by a teacher to be eligible to enter. As you’re representing your school, you’ll need their support and supervision when playing games, as well as their help to obtain the necessary permissions.
  3. Register you interest: Make sure you complete the registration form on the website (lolhsl.com) to lock your team’s place in the league



Key information

Registrations open: March 23, 2018

Registration close: July 20, 2018

Competition length: 7 weeks



New South Wales

New Zealand



Competitors from Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania & the Northern Territory can find out more information about their competitions here.

League dates

July 30 – Sep 8-9*

5pm, Monday nights (local time)


Grand Finals

October [TBC by Riot Oceania]

All regions


Final dates to be confirmed

For more information please contact:

Matt Ross

Tournament Director


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