About Us


The High School League (HSL) aspires to provide high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding esports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. We promote esports as a positive experience that opens up sports team building, leadership opportunities and self improvement to a wider range of students outside traditional seasonal field and court sports.

There’s a persistent myth that videogames are bad for schoolwork. We are working towards changing that with High School League by ensuring the motivating factor to be eligible is in the effort that they apply to their school work and having fun with friends – this is paramount.


2017 was the inaugural year for High School League and it absolutely took off. Students were able to grow as both players and teammates over both splits of the year. This helped create friendships and develop sportsmanship over the year. 

The teams that rose to the top of the league by the end of the second split had the dream opportunity to be flown to Auckland and represent their school in esports at Armageddon in front of a crowd of thousands of screaming fans both at the venue and watching online.

Grand Final Audience
Players Gone Pro!

What we provide schools

  •  The ability for students to compete in controlled competition in esports as a school team
  • Sporting events for the community and families of players to watch their team compete against other schools across New Zealand
  • Education of proper etiquette and sportsmanship in competitive environments


What schools will gain

  • Increased interest in school and academic engagement
  • Higher attendance and academic performance from participating students through mandatory HSL requirements
  • Increased self esteem from students who aren’t interested in physical athletics
  • Positive exposure to both the local, and, for the winners, national community

What students will gain

  • A sense of involvement otherwise not available to them
  • Tertiary education scholarships with Computer Power Plus
  • Co-ed interaction in a team setting
    Build work ethic and apply intellectual and strategic thinking to a game
  • Students will meet like-minded enthusiasts that share interests and passions resulting in an enhanced high school experience