HSL In The News

Just what exactly constitutes a sport?

While purists around the world debate the question, the video gaming community in New Zealand isn’t wasting any time waiting for an answer.

This week sees the launch of a nationwide eSports league featuring more than 50 teams from high schools around the country. 

With the rise in popularity of esports across the world, the opening many gamers have been craving is now within their grasps.

In just under 24 hours, Point & Click, New Zealand’s first secondary school esports competition starts tomorrow.

After months of battling it out, the HSL teams are fast approaching the finals. Of the 50 teams that entered the arena, 16 will qualify for the playoff clashes in late May.

It doesn’t require you to run, jump, lift or throw. In fact you don’t even have to stand up.

But ask the west Auckland esports community whether or not League of Legends is technically a sport, and you get the same, overwhelming response.